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Park House School

Senior Students welcome

Welcome from our Head Students;

We are excited to announce our Park House School Senior Student team for the 2023/24 academic year. They are all extremely committed to doing their bit, both individually and collectively to help the school and their fellow students to be the best that they can be and achieve the things that they want to achieve in any walk of life.

Our core values of Work Hard, Be Kind, Take Responsibility underpin our student leadership focus. Our senior student team were selected through a rigorous process of elections and interviews and are fantastic role models for our younger students to aspire to.

They shape and direct student voice and community engagement by: leading the school council, organising fundraising events, supporting Fun Fridays, speaking at open evenings and planning and delivering assemblies.

Our team for 2023-2024:
Name: Maria Naylor
Leadership position: Head Student
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:
1. Create a seamless system of communication between the students of our lower school; those in the upper school; and the management of the school.
2. Ensure that all students have a say and all suggestions to improve the school and its culture are raised through the Student Council.
3. Provide prospective students with a clear idea of what our school culture and ethos is all about through taster days, partnerships with primary schools and other events.

What I love about Park House School:
I love Park House’s welcoming and inviting environment and the amazing staff and support system. I also love the countless enrichment activities available and all the wonderful opportunities I have had the chance to experience throughout my time here.

My future aspirations:
I am hoping to study law at university and train to be a Barrister.

Name: Holly Rider
Leadership position: Head Student
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:
1. Introduce themed taster days for local Year 5 students, so young students have a chance to experience the culture at Park House
2. Have a consistently running Student Council so all voices are heard
3. Support local charities through fundraising to give back to the community.

What I love about Park House School:
I love the community here and the strong teacher relationships that you are able to form. Everyone welcomes you in the morning and there is a calm teaching nature about the school. Park House provides a diverse curriculum with many extra activities available from sport to drama and art.

My future aspirations:
I plan on studying Business Management at university while also fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional cricketer.

Name: Ruby Fry                                                                                       
Leadership position: Deputy Head Student 
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:                      
1. to create an environment where the younger students feel comfortable to approach sixth form about any concerns or queries. 
2. To build participation in fun and communal events to strengthen relationships throughout school with students and teachers. 
3. Finally, I would like to develop a lasting culture where sixth formers are friendly and approachable to all members of the school community            

What I love about Park House School:
The supporting, warm environment and the endless opportunities offered to every student.       

My future aspirations:                                                                                            
I am hoping to either do a Dance or Business Marketing degree at university, where I am looking forward to continuing my journey and achieving success.

Name: Rebecca Gray
Leadership Position: Deputy Head Student
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:                      
1. Bridge the gap between the sixth form and other year groups in the school by encouraging 6th form students to get involved in supporting the day-to-day running of school events and activities
2. Improve the Park House approach to wellbeing of all staff and students
3. Provide a platform to enable students to voice the changes they want to see in their school life.

What I love about Park House School:
I love Park House because of how the staff give us students 100% of their time and attention. The school offers a welcoming environment and I enjoy being a part of the school community.

My future aspirations:  
After completing my A-levels I hope to go on and study either Dance or History at degree level.

Name: Dora Cheung
Leadership Position: Head of Inclusion and Diversity
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:
1. Every student to feel involved in the school community and that they are welcome and included.
2. Students can connect, understand and learn from each other through a school-wide Culture Celebration Day.
3. Every student has a voice, so we can work together to improve the school environment. 

What I love about Park House School:
One of the best things I like about Park House are the teachers here, they are always very supportive and willing to help any students who feel challenged at school.

My future aspirations:
In the future I hope to do biomedical research in university and contribute my effort to society.

Name: Kacee Nell
Leadership position: Head of Events and Charity
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:
1. Create memorable experiences for students during their time at PHS
2. Continue bringing everyone together and create a community
3. Support and raise awareness of lesser-known and local charities

What I love about Park House School:
I love seeing everyone come together and support each other, especially through events such as sports day where you see everyone cheering each other on, as well as the endless support from teachers.

My future aspirations:
After taking a gap year I plan to study psychology at university. After that I hope to go into HR and wellbeing.

Name: Megan Varney 
Leadership Position: Head of Student Council
Top three outcomes I want to achieve this year:
1. Empower younger students to use their voices to create positive change 
2. Make sure that all students in all year groups feel listened to 
3. Ensure Park House is actively involved in the West Berks Youth Council

What I love about Park House School:
Park House has allowed me to learn more about the different options after sixth form and provided resources to join different webcasts and informational calls to learn more about other career paths. They also really encourage students to find work experience placements which are essential to build up a strong cv or personal statement.

My future aspirations:
I have secured an AAT apprenticeship for after year 13 so that I can earn a salary
while training to become a chartered accountant.