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Park House School

Our Character Programme

At Park House School we believe there is a strong link between character and attainment. We believe that anything is achievable when you work hard, be kind and take responsibility. The aim of Character Education at Park House School is to develop a student who is confident, compassionate and is an effective contributor to society, a successful learner and a responsible citizen.
A focus on the development of a student's character can help develop a student's self-esteem, understanding and respect for others, an awareness of wider spiritual and cultural issues and the fulfilment of their potential. At Park House School we have a role to ensure we develop our students holistically to ensure they are ready for the next step and become well-rounded individuals. Character Education is seen all around the school, including (but not limited to); displays, lessons, assemblies and ethos.
We strongly believe the role we have as staff members here at Park House encourages positive feelings of self-worth and we play a significant part in ‘shaping’ our students' future through developing their character. Through Character Education we are increasing their chances of success in life.
Please see the document below for more information.