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Park House School


At Park House School we have unapologetically high expectations of student behaviour in order to provide a safe, calm and productive learning environment.

On a lesson by lesson basis, students will have one simple choice, to either be in class working hard and progressing with their learning or be placed in RFL (Ready for Learning) for a period of one working day so that the learning of others is not disrupted.

Our expectations in the classroom are as follows:

  • Arrive to lessons on time

  • Enter the classroom quietly when invited by the teacher with learning equipment already in hand

  • Sit down silently and complete the retrieval quiz, whilst the register is taken

  • Listen in silence when the member of staff leading the lesson speaks

  • Students raise their hand to ask a question without calling out

  • Treat each other with respect at all times

  • Follow all instructions the first time asked

  • Work exceptionally hard to the best of their ability without disrupting any other students learning

  • Students will not be given permission to access toilet facilities during any lesson (dispensations on medical grounds will be made on an individual needs basis)

  • Wear the correct uniform at all times, including to and from schools.

We treat behaviour as a curriculum. This means that we teach students how to behave appropriately in school, in line with our values of Work Hard, Be Kind and Take Responsibility. We teach our students this through:

  • Clear instructions in lessons

  • Rewards such as house points

  • Assemblies 

  • Displays around the school, for example our classroom expectation

  • Individual meetings with students and families. 

  • Supportive interventions focussing on the correct behaviours required

  • Clear communication about what constitutes bullying and how to report it

  • A clear and consistent sanctions process 

  • Clarity on what is expected in each part of the school

  • Re-set assemblies to over communicate expectations

  • In class behaviour systems

At Park House we will use a range of sanctions where it is deemed a child has fallen below the standard that can be reasonably expected of them i.e. a verbal reprimand or warning, sanctions such as detention, referral to RFL or for more serious behaviours suspensions and exclusions. Our suspension and behaviour policy covers behaviour not only within school but outside of school. The school will also use a range of appropriate, and individually agreed range of support where it is felt appropriate. This may include:

  • On report, mentoring or coaching as examples

  • A student may also be referred to our Alternative Learning Provision (ALP) within the school for a short period of support

  • Attend off site provision as part of 'Offsite Reflection'

Removal from Lessons

Students will be given one clear and calm warning for a first breach of a classroom rule, or any classroom disruption. For a second breach a student will be removed from their normal timetabled lessons for a period of 24 hours, where they will follow the online GLT pre-recorded lessons and/or written work, as well as receive support to ensure a successful return to lessons. 

Students may also be referred, without warning, for particularly disruptive or defiant behaviour in class. Students are also referred to RFL for failing to attend a detention, inappropriate behaviour outside of lessons, or refusal to wear the correct uniform. Students may temporarily be referred to RFL while an incident is investigated.


As a school, we run a system of whole school after-school detentions. This will be centrally supervised by a rota of staff. Where possible, parents / guardians will be given notice of an after-school detention so that transport arrangements can be made. Students who fail to attend their after-school detention will be referred to RFL and complete their missed detention.

Fixed Term Suspensions

As per our behaviour policy and procedure, we do utilise fixed term suspensions where necessary. If a child is suspended for a fixed period parents will receive notification, and will be asked to attend a readmission meeting, in which the behaviour will be discussed and support identified. Part of this support will involve a period of time spent ensuring the child involved is ready for learning. We feel that it is essential that parents attend readmission meetings in order to support their child's return to school.