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Park House School

The House System: A Term in Review

This term at Park House School, our house system saw some lively and engaging competitions. From delicious desserts to international flags and musical journeys, students and staff alike got involved, showcasing creativity, knowledge, and talent. Here’s a recap of the events:

House Food Competition

Students were challenged to design a dessert. The entries were mostly on paper, but the creativity was off the charts! Some unique ideas included Jacob's “digestive with Nutella and a cherry on top” and Mia’s straightforward instructions of “1 - bake a cake, 2 - bake a cookie, 3 - put cake on cookie.” Poppy in Year 8 (Joseph House) went the extra mile by actually baking her cookies, which was fantastic to see.

Congratulations to House Joseph for taking the win!

House Geography Competition

Staff members wore flags on their lanyards, and students had to guess the country. We had over 400 entries across the houses, with 24 flags, resulting in nearly a thousand guesses! The enthusiasm and competitive spirit were palpable as students rushed to identify the countries.

Chaffey took the win with the most completely correct score sheets.

House Football (Boys) Competition

The House Football competition for boys was a thrilling event. Although it was rained off at the end of last term, the Year 7 matches were replayed, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. Each year group competed fiercely, contributing to their house's overall score.

Although it was a hotly contested competition, Albert House ended up securing more points overall securing their win.

House Netball (Girls) Competition

The House Netball competition for girls was another highlight, with many students participating and showcasing their skills. The matches were intense and closely contested, reflecting the dedication and hard work of all the participants.

Again with many year groups doing exceedingly well, it was Chaffey House who came out on top overall.

House Music Competition

The House Music competition was all about writing a song on the theme of "journey and adventure." Musicians were invited to perform, but anyone could pen some lyrics and submit their work. The theme could be interpreted as a literal journey or a metaphorical one, such as the students' journey at Park House School.

Molly S in Year 7 Albert house wrote an amazing song entitled “Buddy’s Journey to School” while Molly T in Year 9 Chaffey House performed a classically inspired piece on Oboe.

Overall House Competition Standings

After tallying up the points from all these fantastic events, here are the current standings (as of 20/05/24):

● 1st Place: Croft House with 2825 points

● 2nd Place: Chaffey House with 2767 points

● 3rd Place: Joseph House with 2739 points

● 4th Place: Albert House with 2291 points

What's next?

Next term, we have even more exciting competitions lined up, including House Cricket, House Rounders, House Debating, and Sports Day!

The excitement doesn't end here! At the end of the year, the winning house will enjoy an exclusive off-timetable celebration. This exciting party will feature bouncy castles, inflatable slides, giant darts, an inflatable obstacle course, and more. An ice cream truck will also be on-site, offering a free ice cream to each student from the winning house. So, keep earning those points!

Points are awarded in lessons for going above and beyond expectations, as well as through these wonderful events. Stay tuned for more updates and keep the house spirit alive!