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Park House School

Bravo! What a Show! BugsyMalone 2024

What a performance from the students performing in the Park House Showcase of Bugsy Malone. This is the first Musical performed at the school for many years and no stone was unturned to make it as magical as possible.

The stage was set and lit with lights galore, the speakeasy was ready to receive its customers and a live band set for all to see.

The students have been rehearsing from starting back in September and making it all the way to February, we have been on quite a journey with this performance. A huge credit to all the students involved, both cast and crew, we put on an unforgettable performance. From the live student band, acting, singing, dancing to clowning and splurging we gave our three audiences a broad array of the expressive arts. This has given the opportunity for all students from different year groups to work together to collectively achieve this memorable achievement. This has been an amazing experience and we hope this has been something they will never forget and they feel proud to be a part of something so great.

A big thank you to Mr King and Greenshaw Learning Trust for supporting this to happen. And thank you to all the staff involved that have helped. We could not have done it without you!