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Park House School

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays are always a great way to end the week, where students can switch off and take part in lots of fun-filled activities. The start of the year began with the chocolate coin challenge. Students around the school were challenged to try and move the coin from their forehead into their mouths without dropping it. It was great to see all students from Year 7-13 taking part and having a real go at the challenge. So many happy and fulfilled faces by the end of the day. It was a fantastic way to start the term.

The second week of term saw the return to the bucket ball challenge, however with a few adaptations. We decided to make it more challenging for our students. One thing is for sure, once there is a task or a competition our students thrive to get involved and be on top. The Year 7s proved to be very competitive, and continued to play until they were on top. Our winners were all from Croft House. Jessica, Lucy and Georgie.

Due to it being January and many of us are on a fitness fad, Mr Bale decided to run an aerobics session for Fun Friday. Lots of dance moves and music were included. The grapevine and box step were a crowd favourite.