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Park House School

The Art and Design A-Level Showcase

The A-Level Art, Photography, and Textiles show took place on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, showcasing the remarkable talents and creativity of the students. The exhibition featured a diverse range of artworks, photographs, and textile designs, reflecting the students' hard work, innovative ideas, and technical skills developed over the course of their studies.

The art section displayed a variety of media, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media installations. Noteworthy pieces included a series of vibrant landscape and portrait paintings and a textural sculpture made from recycled materials. Congratulations to our A-Level Artists; Annie C, Caitlin G, Jessica U and Megan V.

The photography exhibition captured a wide spectrum of styles, from portraiture and landscape to experimental and digital manipulations. Standout photographs included striking images exploring the natural world in detail and distance, personal identity and even a hint of Lego. Congratulations to our A-Level Photographers – Noah C, Annie C, Tabitha G and Fleur P.

The textiles section highlighted the students' proficiency in techniques such as machine and hand embroidery, surface embellishment, fashion and fabric manipulation. Some exceptional works included needle felted portraits, three-dimensional sculptural pieces and a psychological study of self. Congratulations to our A-Level Textilers – Flo B, Caitlin G and Frances L.

The show was well-attended by family, friends, teachers, and members of the community, who praised the students' creativity and dedication. The atmosphere was vibrant and celebratory, with attendees engaging in discussions about the various pieces on display. The exhibition provided a platform for students to present their final projects and receive recognition for their efforts, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey.

Overall, the A-Level Art, Photography, and Textiles show on June 11 was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended and highlighting the exceptional talent of the students.

We are a very proud school to be honoured with such talented creatives! We wish them all the best for their exciting futures and have no doubt that they will use their hard work and motivation to thrive beyond PHS! Well done all.

Sadly, due to exam board regulations, we cannot share pictures of their work – after results day, there will be an update to this with images galore as we are so impressed by their efforts and cannot wait to share them with you all – watch this space!!!