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  • 16/07/24

    Encompass VIII - Arlington Arts Centre

      Congratulations to all the dancers who took part in the recent Park House School Festival of Dance, Encompass VIII, on Wednesday 3rd July.
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  • 27/06/24

    Space to Learn Workshops

    On Friday 21st June, 60 Year 8 and 9 students took part in space workshops run by Lead educator Hayley Smith from the National Space Academy. Focussing on propulsion and the challenges of surviving in Space, one class made a table hovercraft to investigate momentum whilst the other challenged marshm...
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  • 24/06/24

    Teentech Trip to the National Oceanography Centre with Year 10

    Nine Year 10 Design & Technology students travelled to The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton on Wednesday 26th June to attend an Inspired by STEM event run by EBP South.  Students were involved in a range of activities during the day. These were delivered by NOC, with a virtual...
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  • 18/06/24

    The Art and Design A-Level Showcase

    The A-Level Art, Photography, and Textiles show took place on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, showcasing the remarkable talents and creativity of the students. The exhibition featured a diverse range of artworks, photographs, and textile designs, reflecting the students' hard work, innovative ideas, and...
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  • 14/06/24

    Sports Update

    The summer term has continued with cricket for the boys and moved to rounders for the girls. Like always the students' commitment to clubs and fixtures is paramount and continues to thrive. The 9s rounders team were again extremely unfortunate with the weather as their fixture was called off...
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  • 12/06/24

    Extra-Curricular Clubs

    Our extracurricular offer this term offered students a number of new and wonderful activities to get involved in. Some activities are coming off the back of student voice suggestions, for example Boxing Club. Naturally this also coincides with Mrs Agnes passion for keeping fit and boxing- which mean...
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  • 07/06/24

    Year 12 Oxford Brooks University Trip

    On Wednesday 12th June, the Year 12 students visited Oxford Brookes University for their university fair to evoke and inspire our students ready for their next step after sixth form. There were a whole host of universities there from around the country giving their knowledge and expertise of the cou...
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  • 03/06/24

    Year 7 - Science Student Helpers!

    In Science, we strive to link our lessons to “real-life” and this month we had some fantastic help in doing so from our Year 7 students. Betul A expertly played Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter movies on the traditional African percussion instrument, the kalimba to demonstra...
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  • 29/05/24

    The House System: A Term in Review

    This term at Park House School, our house system saw some lively and engaging competitions. From delicious desserts to international flags and musical journeys, students and staff alike got involved, showcasing creativity, knowledge, and talent. Here’s a recap of the events: House...
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  • 24/05/24

    Extra-Curricular Clubs

    We have continued to drive our extra- curricular clubs this term. More recently we raised awareness for Mental Health awareness week to our students. The theme this year was movement and so we really pushed our students to take responsibility in getting involved in an extracurricular club. Research...
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  • 23/05/24

    PSHE Police Assemblies

    Thames Valley Police did a series of Assemblies across Year 7, 8 and 9. The purpose was to inform students about the consequences of inappropriate touching and getting into trouble with the police. PC Emery did an introduction about his career as a police officer as we have few students who want...
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  • 20/05/24

    Fun Fridays

    We started off this term with penny up the wall, a classic game that many parents and grandparents may be familiar with. Who knew throwing a penny against the wall could get so competitive. The students really enjoyed this Fun Friday, with many students being rewarded with chocolate and a house poin...
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