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  • 29/05/24

    The House System: A Term in Review

    This term at Park House School, our house system saw some lively and engaging competitions. From delicious desserts to international flags and musical journeys, students and staff alike got involved, showcasing creativity, knowledge, and talent. Here’s a recap of the events: House...
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  • 24/05/24

    Extra-Curricular Clubs

    We have continued to drive our extra- curricular clubs this term. More recently we raised awareness for Mental Health awareness week to our students. The theme this year was movement and so we really pushed our students to take responsibility in getting involved in an extracurricular club. Research...
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  • 23/05/24

    PSHE Police Assemblies

    Thames Valley Police did a series of Assemblies across Year 7, 8 and 9. The purpose was to inform students about the consequences of inappropriate touching and getting into trouble with the police. PC Emery did an introduction about his career as a police officer as we have few students who want...
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  • 20/05/24

    Fun Fridays

    We started off this term with penny up the wall, a classic game that many parents and grandparents may be familiar with. Who knew throwing a penny against the wall could get so competitive. The students really enjoyed this Fun Friday, with many students being rewarded with chocolate and a house poin...
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  • 17/05/24

    Student of the Week

    We continue to celebrate and reward our students of the week. The students are selected by their Head of Year for going above and beyond in displaying one of Park Houses schools values; Work Hard, Be Kind and Take Responsibility. To celebrate students, have a morning breakfast treat with Mr King...
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  • 15/05/24

    Science Highlights

    Green Fingers Growing Apace! Having completed the RHS School gardening level 1 award in the autumn, this spring has seen the gardening club get involved in the Big Seed Sow - a national project helping communities sow seeds and learn about water use. Students have sown pollinator friend...
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  • 14/05/24

    Careers Update

    Another busy month with all of Year 11 and Year 13 now having seen our Careers Adviser Nic Dean we are moving on to Year 10 and supporting them on their journey to understand what future careers they are interested in through Adviza. We have a dedicated service for our students from Adv...
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  • 10/05/24

    D Day Assembly

    On Friday the 10th May, Year 9 students and the Year 10 historians took part in a D Day assembly. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to experience. Professor Kempe came in and spoke about D Day and the role that Newbury as a community played in such a historic event. Filled with props and...
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  • 06/05/24

    Cultural Diversity Day

    Today was about celebrating students' cultures and heritage. Cultural Diversity Day is celebrated worldwide, and it was fantastic to bring that celebration through our school gates. Park House is truly an inclusive and diverse community, a community where students are kind and recognise other cu...
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  • 03/05/24

    Sports Update

    The summer term has started our cricket fixtures for both the girls and boys teams. We’ve had excellent numbers for all the teams which has been fantastic to see along with the rapid progress of skill development. Several games for the year 9s and 10s girls have been a washout due to the we...
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  • 25/04/24

    Sam Mazzota Inspires A Level Photography Student

    Sam Mazzota, Freelance Photographer and currently studying for his Masters in Photography, lent his support to A level Photography student Jack North . Jack is an exceptional student aspiring to work in Product Photography. Sam shared lots of advice and Jack was able to hear about Sam's creat...
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  • 19/04/24

    Biology Challenge

    The UK Biology Challenge saw 22 students across Years 9 and 10 participate in a series of online quizzes to test their knowledge of biology both academically and in the media. The Challenge is supported by the Royal Society of Biology and the University of Warwick and is the first step in working to...
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