At Park House School, success comes in many forms and key to what makes the school special is the fact that every student has the opportunity to be successful across a range of activities during their time here. 

Whether this is the important achievements our students enjoy in their GCSE, BTEC and A level exams, the daily enjoyment of a good lesson or a small improvement in a particular skill, we value success in all its forms.


A core aspect of a Park House education is the importance of a growth mindset - the belief that, however small and wherever your starting point, hard work and commitment will help you improve. It is not always about being the best but trying your best matters to us. 

For this reason, we try to celebrate our students' success as much as possible and we hope you find the stories on our news page and our Personal Best publications (linked to the left on this page) engaging and enjoyable. We are very proud of the achievements described on these pages and know they demonstrate what amazing students we have at Park House! 

You can view past performance tables here 

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