School Values

School Values

Respectful and Kind

We are generous, respectful, and kind in all relationships, whether with our colleagues within the Trust or the wider global community, irrespective of culture, creed, and tradition. We establish and maintain such relationships on a belief in humility, openness, honesty, and care for all.


Inclusive and Fair

We embrace and celebrate the diversity in the life experience of all our staff and students. We give everyone the opportunity to speak and be heard, listen, develop, and grow in a safe and happy environment that supports us all to become more knowledgeable, thoughtful, and confident in all that we do.


Ambitious and Successful

We aspire to excellence for all. Our desire for all staff and students is that we are determined to develop our talents; motivated, engaged and committed to everything we do. We seek to achieve success in a multitude of ways so everyone in our Trust can become responsible world citizens who contribute to making our communities better.


Innovative and Courageous

We encourage our staff and students to explore, reflect and explore again. Passion, courage, and creativity are the bedrock of the exceptional education that Transform Learning Trust aims for. These are essential attributes for not just surviving but thriving in future success.