Students and staff raise £817 for Young Minds

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

On Friday 9th October, we ran a #HelloYellow event to raise money for the Young Minds charity which helps support young people suffering with their mental health. Following lockdown and the anxiety around returning to school, we thought it would be an inspiring way to provide the opportunity to open discussion.

In total we raised £817; which is brilliant!

As part of the event, students and staff wore non-uniform and embellished with something yellow. There was also a special tutor time activity in which students had the opportunity to discuss and learn about their mental health. Even staff found the experience of discussing mental health in an impromptu way, and how important it is, beneficial.

Staff ran ‘the Great Park House Bake Off’ in which we were encouraged to join in the competition by baking something and sharing with the school. All money raised from the cake sales also went towards the total raised!

Year 10 Student India Mae Farrant said “yellow outfits ranged from simple things like yellow laces or hair ties, to yellow tops and my personal favourite – a yellow morph suit. Mental health for teenagers is very important at the moment as lockdown would have affected and impacted their mental health."

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