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Park House School

Psychology and Sociology

Psychology is an interesting and extremely varied course enabling students to explore scientifically all aspects of human and non-human behaviour. The course takes a holistic approach to learning, equipping students with valuable skills to prepare them for further education and employment. 

​Sociology aims to provide an understanding of one’s own and other’s behaviour. It investigates contemporary British society and analyses the roles that various institutions have in shaping our cultures and beliefs. Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to develop skills that are highly valued within higher education and employment.

As a department, we pride ourselves on delivering thought-provoking lessons and, from an early stage, students are immersed in a new world of innovative research, ethical controversy and fundamental theories. Interactive, practical experiments provide a popular and enjoyable learning platform and allow students to develop their evaluation techniques first-hand.

​Many of our students have been enthused and inspired to study Psychology/Sociology at university. This could then lead to a career in industries such as teaching, sport, the criminal justice system, human resource management, and journalism, just to name a few.