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Park House School

PSHA 200 Club

Our 200 fundraising club will enable you to support Park House School Association (PHSA) whilst giving you a chance of winning some money!

We are looking for parents, friends and family of the school to buy a membership number for just £10 this year. Membership is limited to five applications per person, however family and friends may take part. All participants must be over 16.

Sign up by the 15th of the month to be included in the draw for that month. The draw will take place a PHSA event or meeting each month (excluding the summer break).

If you win, a cheque will be posted to your home address and the name of the winner may be published in the school’s monthly newsletter and on Facebook and the school’s website.

The prize money will be 50% of the membership fee taken that month. The remaining 50% goes to the school to help fund equipment, resources and opportunities for pupils.

Any queries, please contact Donna Sawtell (the PHSA treasurer) by email on

To take part – just download, complete and sign the membership form and send it in to the school office with a cheque for £10 or by Bank Transfer to Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20-59-14 Account Number 60695343.


Park House School Association (PHSA) 200 Club Rules

1. The name of the club is ‘PHSA 200 Club’ regardless of the number of members and is hereafter referred to as the ‘200 Club’.

2. The objective of the 200 Club is to raise funds for Park House School Association.

3. The 200 Club will be administered by the PHSA.

4. Applications for 200 Club membership may be made in writing on forms available from PHSA via the school office and, on acceptance, members will receive an email with details of their membership.

5. Members may subscribe individually or jointly for as many shares as they wish. Shares may be purchased by parents, grandparents or family friends.

6. The subscription year will run from 1 September to 30 August.

7. Subscriptions may be paid (1) annually by online bank transfer or (2) annually by cheque. The total subscription will be £10 annually Members joining part way through a year will pay a subscription pro-rata to the number of months of the subscription year left to run. (there is no draw in August) Subscriptions cannot be Gift Aided.

8. Subscriptions will be eligible for draws if received by 15th of the month.

9. Draws will take place monthly at a PHSA meeting, event or if no suitable event then at least 2 PHSA members will be present at the monthly draw. There will be no draw in August.

10. Each month, the 200 Club’s income will be split 50% to the Prize Fund and 50% to PHSA.

11. Monthly prizes will be drawn from the Prize Fund as follows:
• One Prize each month of 100% of the Prize Fund up to a maximum of £100
• The Prize will be rounded to the nearest whole number of pounds.
• Any small residues left in the Prize Fund will be carried forward for prizes from the following month’s Prize Fund.

12. Prize winners will be notified by email within seven days. Winners’ names will be listed in the Park House School newsletter and will be minuted in the PHSA meeting minutes.

13. Any prize cheques not cashed within six months will be deemed to be a donation to PHSA. Prize winners wishing to donate their prizes to PHSA may Gift Aid them if they are eligible to do so.

14. A register will be kept recording the name, address and other contact details of each member, the number of shares held and the subscriptions received from them.

15. Accounts will be available for inspection at the PHSA Annual General Meeting.

16. Any revisions to these rules will be notified to members in advance of a new subscription year.