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Park House School

Business and Economics

Business and Economics​

Business Studies is a popular subject and aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills used in business. Students learn to understand the dynamic environment in which businesses operate and to appreciate the many and varied factors which impact on business activity and business behaviour.​

Students consider the potential issues facing businesses in the future, using local and global businesses as examples, to gain a real insight into how a business operates in the real world.  Marketing, influences on business, human resources, operations and finance are examples of topics designed to stimulate interest in business matters and to allow a greater understanding of the world of work.​

Economics is a social science which will encourage students to think about problems as an economist which will be different to other forms of scientific enquiry as people will have to be considered. This involves examining how different individual markets work in economies as well as looking at how a whole economy operates including the global economy.  Students will learn to understand that there is a great deal of interdependence between world trading countries as well as other political alliances and the potential impacts of failure. This may be a quantitative as well as a qualitative decision and should consider both the short term and long term impacts.