Learning Support & SEND Provision

Welcome to Learning Support. Located in the heart of the school (both literally and figuratively), our busy department supports a wide range of students with special educational needs.


In addition to in-class support from our teaching assisants, Learning Support is open at break and lunch times for those students who need a safe and calm place to make friends, eat lunch and share interests. There are a wide variety of lunch time clubs such as Art Club, Warhammer Club and even Harry Potter Club! Alternatively, students can read, talk or relax. Students may also access a number of additional interventions in Learning Support such as homework support, Catch-Up Reading, handwriting and touch typing as appropriate.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Ms R Dewsbury who can be contacted at rdewsbury@parkhouseschool.org

Learning Support Department Staff:


Ms R Dewsbury

Assistant Headteacher, SENCo, Specialist Teacher and Assessor of students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Safeguarding Trustee

Email:  Stephanie.tyrer@transformlearningtrust.org