The Park House Curriculum 


At Park House we offer a uniquely personalised curriculum, designed to meet the needs and interests of every student and ensure that they enjoy outstanding progress and achievement. The positive impact of the school curriculum is evident in our student outcomes. Identified by the Minister of State for Education, Park House is in the top 100 non-selective state schools in the country for continuous improvement in GCSE results.  We are also consistently ranking in the top 15% of Sixth Forms nationally for A Level progress. 


We operate a two-year Key Stage 3 and a three-year Key Stage 4, with GCSEs starting in Year 9 and with most examinations being completed at the end of Year 11. This is designed to:


  • widen subject choice at Key Stages 4 and 5

  • further personalise the curriculum so that students can learn at the pace which is most appropriate to their individual needs

  • increase the challenge and motivation for students


Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and 8 students are set by ability for English, Mathematics and Science.  They are taught in their tutor groups for Humanities and the Creative Arts.  Technology, Languages and Physical Education are taught in mixed groups.  The school aims for a maximum class size of 28 in Key Stage 3 and this year reports an average of 26.6.


All student in Key Stage 3 follow a Personal Development Programme delivered by tutors through a daily tutorial programme and a weekly Character and Values lesson and dedicated Wellness lessons.  Outside agencies visit the school to enhance the programme and discrete workshops are used to deliver more sensitive issues. The programme incorporates the curriculum areas such as religion, careers, health, personal and social education and is centred on our “Values” ethos.


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Key Stage 4

In Year 9, 10 and 11 students study their GCSE or equivalent examination courses.  Our three-year Key Stage 4 allows students more time to study their chosen subjects as well as providing them with the best opportunity to achieve their full potential in the core curriculum areas. 


The majority of Park House School students follow GCSE courses in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science Trilogy (double GCSE), a Humanity (Geography or History) and a Modern Foreign Language.  More able scientists follow the Separate Science pathway, leading to three GCSEs in in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  All participate in Physical Education, which is also extended into the Optional Curriculum for those wishing to obtain a GCSE qualification.  In addition to the seven Core GCSEs, students select three courses from a wide-ranging Optional Curriculum.  At present these include eighteen different GCSE courses and three BTEC Level 2 courses.


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English, Mathematics and Science GCSE groups are set by ability.  Geography, History and Foreign Languages and set into Higher and Foundation groups, and optional courses are mixed ability.  The school aims for a maximum class size of 26 in Key Stage 4 and this year reports an average of 23.1.


As in Key Stage 3, all students in Key Stage 4 follow a Personal Development Programme delivered by tutors through a daily tutorial programme and a weekly Character and Values lesson. 


Key Stage 5

Our Sixth Form is made up of 227 students following a variety of courses, with average class sizes of 9.3.  Students achieving more than five GCSEs at grade 5/6 or above follow our Level 3 Curriculum of A Level courses, AS Level courses and BTEC Nationals.  Students who miss the entry requirements for the Level 3 Curriculum can follow a range of learning pathways suited to their individual needs.   Our Level 2 learning pathway consists of GCSE English, GCSE Mathematics and three Level 2 BTEC courses.  Successful completion of these one year courses will allow students access to the Level 3 programme of study.  Our Fusion pathway combines a smaller number of Level 2 courses with appropriate A Level, or equivalent Level 3 courses.


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Lesson Structure

The number of lessons dedicated each week to each subject in Key Stage 3 and 4 are shown in the table below. In Key Stage 5 the majority of course are allocated four lessons each week.

*Students must choose either Geography or History from Year 9 as a core subject and can then add either as an option.


The School Day

*During the Covid-19 interim period, the Monday Enrichment offer has been temporarily put-on-hold and Monday lesson timings have been changed to match Tuesday to Friday.