Assessment, Reporting and Exams

Assessment is a fundamental part of teaching and learning. We use assessment data and practices to inform teaching, engage learning and to drive up standards. Assessment is a term which encompasses a wide range of formal and informal activities including both summative and formative information.

We use prior attainment measures together with current assessment data to evaluate the progress that our students are making. Ongoing assessment is conducted to inform teaching, to empower and motivate students to set new targets, as well as to prepare them for terminal examinations. The progress of identified individuals, key groups of students and cohorts are closely monitor so that appropriate interventions can be put in place when necessary.

Assessment data is reported three times a year to inform and engage parents. Heads of Departments are responsible for the moderation and quality assurance of assessment data and all teachers are responsible for providing appropriate up to date assessment data as an evidence base for reporting judgements to be made.

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