School Life

Academy Board


Transform Learning Trust believes in the importance of parental engagement, and this is undertaken at school level through Academy Boards. Academy Boards Board’ are a formal part of your Governance structure, as set our in our Articles of Association. 

Academy Boards meet at least three times a year, and issues and risks which it raises, long with feedback to the Board are passed to Trustee meetings. The areas delegated to our Academy Boards are outlined in our Scheme of Delegation and Financial Scheme of Delegation. 

The Academy Board at Park House School, has been recently formed. Its first meeting will be in January 2022. The current Chair, who is setting up the Board, is Mrs Stephanie Tyrer (Vice chair of Trustees).

Board members:

Christina Brown
Blayne Cooper
Yordanka Kavalova
Donna Sawtell
Claire Smith
Liz Starbuck Greer
Stephanie Tyrer
Camilla Vickerage