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Assessment is a vital part of a student’s development at Park House School & our aim is for all students to reach their full potential.

Students in year 7, 8 & 9 are on the new curriculum of life after levels.  A flight path is designed in relation to KS2 data and where this is absent CATs data is used.  Students are placed into bands which are designed for students to reach their full potential.  A band or flight path is designed to guide students to be the best they can be but it is vital to understand they are not a ceiling as students can achieve above their flight paths.  In a students’ report it will indicate whether a student is making outstanding progress, good progress, fair progress or if they are a cause for concern.

Students will sit three assessments per year.  At the end of year 8 students will sit an end of year assessment in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Languages.  Where students are entering year 9 they will do a base line subject in their new options.  End of year 9 examinations are sat in the sports hall in order to help students acclimate to examinations, and the processes involved.

All students will receive a report three times during the year, they will be emailed out as well as a copy given to students in school, to take home. The assessment dates and report issued dates are in the assessment calendar that parents can download. The assessment calendar also shows when the parents evening are too.

In years 10 & 11 students are also assessed three times during the academic year. In year 10 reports are issued three times during the year and in year 11 twice. The end of year 10 examinations are sat in the sports hall again this is designed to acclimate students to sitting examinations in the hall. In year 11 students have mock examinations in December and at the beginning of March these will be sat in the hall so that students have the best opportunity of preparing themselves for the examinations that occur in eh summer of year 11. Parents in year 11 will get two reports rather than three due to the nature of the year. The dates for assessments, reports being issued and parents evening are in the assessment calendar. In year 10 & 11 currently reports will show target grades and current grades as well as commitment to work.




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