More Able & Talented

In June 2012 Ofsted commented that 'the school's commitment to recognising each students' success is evident in all aspects of school life', and this is nowhere more evident than in our planning for the needs, interests and ambitions of our many able and talented students.

Our provision for students is developed in three overlapping areas:  Identification of Able and Talented students; Enrichment in the classroom; Extra-curricular enrichment

Identification is initially based on scores students achieve in CAT usually sat on arrival in Year 7. Departments are given criteria and are then invited to nominate students who they believe shows a particular aptitude in their subject. The year group lists are reviewed regularly.

Park House School’s focus on “achievement for all” is particularly meaningful when to comes to stretching and challenging MAT students in the classroom. Lessons are the primary source of opportunity for extension, therefore resources, activities and learning strategies are developed to meet individual needs and interests within each subject area, providing an appropriate level of challenge for all.

Extra-Curricular enrichment is organised by clusters made up of different departments. Pupils may select or be selected for activities organised by these clusters. This may include in school workshops, educations trips and visits, lectures from guest speakers or entry to external competitions.

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