Your Responsibilities as a Student

I have a responsibility to:

Ensure the safety and happiness of my fellow students

Show respect to all members of my school community

Stay on the school site throughout the day, unless I go home for lunch

Uphold the good name of Park House School, especially whilst in uniform

Wear the uniform with care and pride

Respect equipment and the use of the school facilities

Respect the personal property of other students

Protect my environment

Ensure the learning of others

Be organised for my lessons and to bring the right equipment

Use my Show my Homework to complete set work

Respect the opinions of others

Keep the school rules and accept the school disciplinary system

Attend school regularly and on time, and provide an explanation every time I am absent

Keep myself informed of school activities and to carry school letters or messages home and give them to my parent(s) or guardian(s)

Represent the school and my House in extra-curricular activities and on sporting occasions

Ensure my bicycle is roadworthy and always wear my cycle helmet

Wear adequate and suitable outdoor clothing to school

Show My Homework