School Consequences

School consequences will be selected as appropriate:

Uniform report – non-compliance referred to Head of Learning (HoL)

Classroom Teacher

  • Issue a warning
  • Move to another seat
  • Move outside for 5 minutes and complete classroom contract
  • Retain for a few minutes at the end of the lesson
  • Arrange a break-time or lunch-time dialogue with the student
  • Arrange an after-school detention if necessary

Head of Department

  • Issue 3 (1 hour) after-school detentions
  • Place on subject specific report for 10 days.  Parents informed.
  • Telephone Parents
  • Dialogue with student
  • Parental interview with student
  • Referral to HoL

Head of Learning (HoL)

  • Place on whole school report as a result of persistent misbehaviour in one subject or a combination of subjects
  • Interview student with/without Parents
  • Issue after-school detention (1 hours) for lateness and out of class misbehaviour
  • Middle tier meeting with Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher for that year group
  • Referral to Inclusion Unit
  • Pastoral Support Programme

Senior Leadership Team

  • Issue 3 after-school (1 hour) detentions
  • Isolation with Inclusion Manager during lesson times plus one hour
  • Top Tier meeting – Head/Governor/Deputy Head and Parent
  • Behaviour modification programme
  • Personalised curriculum
  • Hold day cooling off period
  • Fixed-term exclusion
  • Full disciplinary meeting with Governors after 15 days fixed term exclusion

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