Bullying is present in all schools.

Park House has a zero tolerance to bullying.

A bully is someone who uses his/her strength or power to hurt, frighten or intimidate other people. To bully is to persuade someone in an unpleasant forceful way either physically or mentally so that s/he feels that they have to do what you want.

The long-term, repeated and systematic use of violence, mental or physical against an individual who is unable to unlikely to defend her/himself in an actual situation.

  • May be verbal, physical or psychological in nature
  • Is the inappropriate use of power by individual or groups where someone is hurt physically or emotionally

Bullies tend to:
Be physically strong
Feel inadequate
Use others to make themselves feel better about themselves
Not accept that people can be different
Have problems with relationships
Lack social skills
Have values that are different to the school and their fellow students
Be attention seekers
Operate in groups
Try to impress other people
Have been bullied themselves

If you are being bullied or have problems here is where to Look for Help:
Speak to your Form Tutor, Welfare Manager, Head of Learning, Subject Teacher or Student Manager.

Alternatively email in confidence: smile@parkhouseschool.org

Telephone Helplines

Childline                                       0800 11 11 (for children)
Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC)        0171 378 1446/1447
Care Line                                      020 8514 5444
Counselling Service 14-21 years     01635 581 421
Samaritans                                   01635 42452
Education Otherwise                    
(Advice about home education)
0845 478 6345


For hearing impaired children.
Childline Minicom 2.00pm – 9.00pm
0800 400 222 or write Freepost, 1111 London N1 0BR

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