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Sixth Form Common Room


Park House is a highly successful school-based Sixth Form located in its own specialist study and social centre within the heart of the site. We offer a wide range of opportunities that promote greater independence for post-16 study within a framework of continuing care, support and monitoring.

We are consistently in the top 15% of Sixth Forms nationally. We therefore believe that our Sixth Form offers quite exceptional opportunities for students to develop and succeed as confident, well-rounded and independent learners, ready to enter university or the world of work in positions of trust and responsibility. Its success as a centre of academic achievement and opportunity is based on our students’ very positive attitudes towards their own learning and the excellence of the relationships that exist between students and staff. These enable highly effective teaching and learning to flourish within an atmosphere of mutual respect, high expectations and intellectual challenge and curiosity.
It is also a result of our wide-ranging curriculum offer, tailored to the learning needs and interests of each individual student. As a Sixth Former at Park House you will be able to choose from over 30 different AS, A-Level and vocational courses – as well as extensive enrichment opportunities and a structured programme of tutorial support which covers university entrance advice and guidance.
We therefore promote a culture of high achievement and expectations, where our Sixth Formers act as inspirational role models to younger students – in their achievements, attitudes to learning, smart business dress code, behaviour and involvement with the life of the school and wider community.
We look forward to you continuing your learning journey at this very special Sixth Form.

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Derek Peaple, Headteacher
Ben Hawkins, Director of Studies KS5


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