Bus Information

There is now an additional 2A bus service at 3:37 from the school side gate in Monk’s Lane down to the bus station.

This is in addition to the existing single-deck 2A bus that goes from Andover Road opposite the school, timetabled at 15:38 (3:38pm).

This existing single-decker continues from the Bus Station at 15:50 to Hungerford – and the changes will allow this bus to also serve Inkpen on the way to Hungerford.

Please use both services to ease the congestion.

Park House School Bespoke Minibus Service:

In addition to the public services detailed below, Park House School operates a bespoke (pre-paid/pre-booked) minibus services to the following villages:  
Route 1 - Tadley and Kingsclere

Route 2 - Kingsclere, Ecchinswell, North Sydmonton and Bishops Green

Route 3 - Kingsclere

Route 4 - Inkpen and Kintbury

Route 5 - Headley and Kingsclere

Route 6 - Hungerford, Welford, Wickham and Boxford

Route 7 - Hungerford only

Route 8 - Burghclere and Newtown

These routes are reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. To check on availability or to be put on the waiting list of the Park House bespoke minibus service please contact khamilton@parkhouseschool.org


West Berkshire Council changes to public bus timetables starting 5 September 2016.

See www.westberks.gov.uk/transportchanges for further information on their routes including stop timings - all timings are subject to prevailing traffic conditions and associated delays).

School Morning services:

Service 3 (Hungerford-Inkpen-Kintbury-West Fields-Newbury-PHS): the 07.10 departure from Hungerford High Street is scheduled to arrive at Newbury Bus Station at 08.00 dropping off Park House students at 8.13am.

Service 4C Double Decker (Lambourn - East Garston - Great Shefford - Boxford - Stockcross - Newbury - PHS): the 07.22 departure from Lambourn Market Square is scheduled to arrive at Newbury Bus Station at 08.07 then dropping off Park House students at 08:24.

Service 5 (Donnington Castle Inn - Leckhampstead - Peasemore - Brightwalton - Chaddleworth (Nodmore) - Great Shefford – Boxford – Stockcross - Donnington Square – Newbury Bus Station - PHS - Newbury College): the 06:55 circular journey from Donnington, Castle Inn, timed to arrive at Newbury Bus Station at 08:13, is scheduled to drop off in Andover Road for Park House at 08:24 before dropping at Newbury College at 08:29. This journey receives financial support from Newbury College.

Service 6A/6 (Newbury Bus Station - Chieveley - Beedon - West Illsley - East Illsley – Compton - Hermitage Post Office - PHS): the circular service from Newbury Bus Station Bay F (departing 07.00) goes outwards via Chieveley and back in via Hermitage. It is timed to arrive back at Newbury Bus Station at 08:14, then drop at Park House School around 08:25.

Service 8 (Newbury Bus Station - Racecourse Road - Greenham - Pigeons Farm - Tesco - Essex Street near PHS): 
the 07:30 service 8 from the Bus Station serves The Nightingales at 07:38, Pigeons Farm at 07:45 and is timed to arrive at Essex Street beside the Falkland Memorial at 07:53.

Afternoon journeys:

In the afternoons, the following public buses are available. We encourage students just going down the hill into town to walk or find an alternative route:

Service 2A for students travelling to Kintbury, Hungerford and Inkpen (students just going into town or Bus Station should find an alternative route or walk): departs at approximately 15:38 from the stop on Andover Road opposite Park House School, and becomes service 3A at the Bus Station before going on to Hungerford.

Service 5 for students travelling to Boxford, Great Shefford, Chaddleworth, Brightwalton, Leckhampstead and Peasemore: this journey, financially supported by the College, will depart at approximately 16:57 from the stop on Essex Street beside the shops/opposite the Falkland Memorial, then serves the College at 17:00, before continues to the Bus Station (17:11) then out to the villages.

Service 8 leaves at approximately 15:50 from the stop in Essex Street beside the shops, opposite the Falkland Memorial. This will go along Monks Lane to Greenham, Pigeons Farm then into Newbury.

Students attending after-school clubs can catch services 2 or 8 from the stop in Essex Street opposite Cary Close, at 16:32, 16:47, 17:32, 17:47 or 18:47

Students going back to Lambourn, Eastbury or East Garston will have to make their own way down into town and catch the 16:10 service 4, or the 17:45 service 4, from the Bus Station. 

Students going back to Hermitage, Hampstead Norreys, Compton and the Ilsleys will have to make their own way down into town and catch the 16:50 service 6 from the Bus Station. 

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