Snapchat safety

Snapchat - one of the most popular social media apps for large numbers of secondary school-aged users - has introduced a new feature in its recent software update. This new feature presents potential risks to its users that we believe parents and students should be aware of.

The recent update includes a tracker that allows users to view the exact geographical location of other users, down to the house that they are in. This presents clear risks, as it would allow the movements of users, including children, to be easily tracked. This information would be extremely useful to someone seeking to groom or otherwise harm a young person.

The tracker feature can be turned off by changing the settings to ‘ghost mode,’ which prevents the app from revealing the location of its user. To do this, users should go to the ‘selfie mode’ on the camera, zoom out and select the option of ‘ghost mode.’

More information on the BBC's website here: