Remote learning information update

Remote Learning in the Event of Full Closure

Remote learning will start for Years 7-10 & 12 on Thursday P1

All students will follow a ‘normal’ school timetable and lessons will be continuations of the curriculum they could have expected if they were attending school as normal. Please note, this will follow the upper school timings so will be slightly different to the timings Years 7-8 and Sixth Form have been working to:


P1 – 9.10 - 10.10 

P2 – 10.15 - 11.15 

P3 – 11.35 - 12.35 

P4 – 12.40 - 13.40 

P5 – 14.25 - 15.25 


Lessons may be:


  • Live streamed on Microsoft Teams (an invite to join the lesson will be sent/published on Satchel:One). This may be video or voice only at times.


  • A lesson Powerpoint, resource or other work uploaded to Satchel:ONEfor independent completion.


  • Pre-recorded video/voice-over Powerpoints for students to access repeatedly/when most convenient


  • Online ‘Q&A’, opportunities for staff to clarify challenging concepts or simply dedicated time for students to engage in person with their teachers.


Students’ work may be (this will be specified by teachers):

  • Submitted on Satchel ONE
  • Shared on OneDrive
  • Emailed to teachers


In very limited situations (or towards the end of lockdown) students may be asked to bring work into school on their return. 


Staff are expected to give feedback in line with normal school policy so, whilst it may take a slightly different form and will come in a variety of ways, it should be regular and sufficiently detailed.


Indicative example of types of remote learning to expect: 



Practical Subject (1 lesson a week) 

Week 1 – video demonstration, set task. (Photograph work, shared with teacher via OneDrive)? 

Week 2 – set task.? 

Week 3 – voice-over?Powerpoint. Set research task. (Digital work submitted via Satchel ONE)? 

Week 4 – live Microsoft Teams feedback/discussion session 30 mins. Set task.? 


Maths (4 lessons a week) 

Lesson 1 – live Microsoft Teams lesson. Explanation by the teacher of the topic.?  

Lesson 2,3,4 - a mixture of live lessons,?YouTube?videos,?completion of exercises/revision sheets based on what has already been learnt or a problem-solving task.? This will depend on the set.? 




Students are expected to: 

  • Check emails/Satchel:One for Teams invites to live lessons by 9am
  • Check Satchel:One for work set for other lessons 
  • Complete work to the best of their ability 
  • Follow instructions about sharing/sending work 
  • Attend live sessions and follow guidance on appropriate behaviour 
  • Act on feedback 


Student protocol for live online lessons 

  • Follow the instructions set by the member of staff and accept the invitation 
  • If asked to, remain muted or to only use the voice functions 
  • Be in a public room i.e. living room/ kitchen wherever possible 
  • Make sure appropriately dressed 
  • Do not amend any settings unless asked to do so by the teacher 
  • Do not make recordings of the session 
  • Be yourself and respect others 
  • Ask questions using the chat 
  • Engage and actively participate with your lessons



Pastoral Provision

Tutors and Heads of Learning will offer a rota of tutor sessions and assemblies so that, every Friday, students are able to access support, mix with peers online and ‘keep in touch’ with school.


We will also be providing additional themed assemblies, House activities and information on staying healthy and active during lockdown. These will be shared via Satchel:One and/or email, as appropriate.



Other Support

If students are experiencing any difficulties during lockdown, they should contact the relevant member of staff if it is subject-specific or their Head of Learning directly. They will be able to pass any issues to other members of support staff if necessary.