Notice from Newbury Rugby Club regarding shortcuts and parking

We have received the following notice from our neighbours at Newbury Rugby Club regarding forthcoming building works and a reminder about traffic restrictions in and around the club. We ask that students and parents respect all our neighbours' boundaries.

The parcel of land between the David Lloyd centre and Doctor’s surgery has been sold by Newbury Rugby Club; and the new owners will be building a Care Home facility.

It is hoped that digging out top soil from the site will be started next week (w/c 28 May 2018). A fence will be erected alongside the David Lloyd car park; and there will be some excavation machinery on site together with vehicles transporting the soil to our grounds where new pitch areas are being developed.

This will be a hazardous area with large machinery moving around the new site and access roads.

Some students use our grounds as a short cut, and in the interests of Health and Safety and site security (the Club’s grounds are private property) we wish to remind students and parents that access is not permitted.

Also, we wish to remind parents / guardians etc that using main entrance driveway (marked ‘A’ on the below site plan) for parking, dropping off / picking up students is not permitted. The cars cause hazards to other road users and pedestrians as this area is already is very busy due to traffic movements in / out of the David Lloyd centre, Surgery, Cloisters home and the Rugby Club.

Newbury Rugby Club