Letter from AFA 22 May 2020

Dear Parents / carers and students,


As we approach the half term break I am writing again to thank you for all that you are doing to support the work of Park House School.


As members of the Trust we met on Monday and heard about the survey that you completed indicating your experiences of online learning, the quality and quantity of work set, and the general wellbeing of students. We were encouraged by the number of responses, and high level of satisfaction about the current online learning arrangements. This supported us in making decisions around the safest way to start a phased return to school of some students, beginning with those in years 10 and 12 being offered ‘face to face’ contact between staff and students after half term.


We wanted to re-assure you that even for the limited student numbers returning, safety has been of paramount importance. To mitigate against as many risks as possible, the Trust and School undertook 51 risk assessments before making the decision that PHS could offer some individual face to face tutorials to support students taking exams over the next few months.


After half term the Trustees will be working with the new Principal, Mr Tom Goodenough, and the senior leadership team,  to look at what a phased, safe return to school in September for all our students might look like. We will be considering government and union advice when it becomes available and will inform you of any plans as soon as they are available.


All the Trustees are immensely grateful for everything that has been put in place this term. We acknowledge that much time and effort has gone into planning interesting lessons, students completing the tasks set, and parents / carers supporting learning at home.


Please continue to stay safe


Yours sincerely,

Dr Coleen R Jackson, Chair AFA Trust

On behalf of all our Trustees.