Letter from AFA 19 May 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


We hope that you all remain safe and well.


Over the period since the Department for Education announced that it wished schools to consider offering ‘some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education to school for Years 10 and 12’, key staff from the Achievement for All Education Trust have been working closely alongside the school’s Senior Leadership Team to establish how best this can be safely offered at Park House with effect from 1 June.


Our solution, which has been arrived at following an extensive risk assessment process in line with DFE and Local Authority guidelines, will run alongside a continued programme of virtual lessons for all year groups and is as follows:


One initial 15 minute one-to-one Personal Progress Tutorial for students in Years 10 and 12 which will involve the student meeting with an identified member of staff to:

  • Review online learning and progress to date, celebrating successes

  • Identify any focus areas for further support, intervention or monitoring

  • Set targets and actions for the remainder of term which, for Year 12 students, will also support initial thinking about post Sixth Form destinations


These tutorials will be rolled out for both Year 10 and 12 from week commencing 1 June at intervals to allow for appropriate social distancing and phased arrival/departure from school.


An appointment schedule will be sent out in week commencing 1 June. If parents and students prefer not to come into school and have their tutorial remotely via Teams instead, this will also be possible. If this option is chosen, it is of course absolutely fine and appropriate for parents or carers to join the meeting. Any remote tutorials will be recorded for safeguarding purposes.


A second, follow-up 15 minute one-to-one Personal Progress Tutorial for students in Years 10 and 12 five to six weeks after the initial tutorial meeting which will:

  • Review learning, progress and successes based on the targets in the period since the initial Tutorial Meeting

  • Identify any ongoing areas of focus for further support, intervention or monitoring

  • Set targets and actions for any summer holiday work and establish the baseline for a return to ‘real time’ learning from September. For Year 12, this will include further planning for post Sixth Form destinations


Administrative and logistical arrangements will remain as per the first tutorial session.


We hope that you will agree that this offers the best, ‘blended’ and balanced approach to effective learning in the current circumstances by allowing the opportunity for ‘face-to-face support’ as requested by the DFE whilst still:

  • Mitigating all the risks associated with increased transport and travel to and from school and the difficulties associated with the management of social distancing, etc

  • Addressing the logistical issues of classroom allocation, corridor movement, toilet facilities, cleaning, etc

  • Working within basic practical constraints: it simply isn’t possible to achieve any meaningful group learning - safely - with split, random groups of no more than 15 students who aren’t allowed to move lesson by lesson, in non-specialist classrooms with non-specialist resources and with ‘teaching’ from non-specialist teachers. Options subjects simply couldn’t be delivered and ‘teaching’ of the Core Subjects of English, Maths and Science would be at best generalised and un-targeted on the needs of specific groups or individuals

  • Enabling specialist teachers to still have the time and capacity to set the best quality online lessons for all year groups

We should wish to take this opportunity to thank you in anticipation of your support for these arrangements and all that you have already done as families to respond so positively to the challenges of virtual learning in these unprecedented circumstances.

With good wishes Yours sincerely


Dr Coleen Jackson, Chair, Achievement for All Education Trust

Professor Sonia Blandford, Founder and CEO, Achievement for All

Derek Peaple, Headteacher, Park House School