In-house Challenge Update 4 May 2020

Hello housemates!

The weather has changed which means that we must all change with it. Gardens, socially distanced walks and open windows are now largely on hold whilst we watch the gloomy, grey sky overhead. Keeping things positive though, it is great to think that some things never change. We have had our great British summer (as we have every year in April/May) and we are fully on track for a June, July and August of wind, rain and probably snow knowing this country. All jokes aside, it seems perfectly reasonable to now set-up camp inside the house with blankets on the sofa, hot mugs of tea and cosy nights in front of the telly.
Don’t let the rain get you down though as there are plenty of upsides to this wonderful continuation of nature and cycle of life. Plants are watered, bird baths are filled; even my car is starting to look clean again. This break in travel is already having far reaching and long-lasting positive effects on the environment.

This was Newbury Town Centre yesterday!

Newbury this week

It is amazing what a lack of pollution can do for a town. As always it is very important to stay positive and keep active, both academically and generally. Enjoy this week’s Fun Finds and #.



  • Joe Wicks hosts 30 min P.E. lessons on his YouTube channel every weekday @thebodycoachtv
  • Ultimate luxury in the jungle - www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOQlRweXYAE
  • ‘The I can’t believe it’s not “I can’t believe it’s not butter” challenge’: finding images of knock-off versions of a famous brand and sharing them with friends.

Butter 1
Butter 2
Butter 3
Butter 4

#InHouseChallenge – No. 6: “Let’s go Wild!”

Write an inspirational rap, poem or song.

This week Mr Wilder has stepped up yet again as a Hero of Park House. Not only is he rallying the troops for his constituency, but also, he is now the unofficial morale officer for the county. Keeping us lifted with pride, inspiration and creativity, Mr Wilder has written, performed and recorded his very own special beat poem to help us through this Covid outbreak.

He challenges you to create your own in any way you want. You could write one line of the poem/rap and send it to a friend who must write line two; then they keep sending it to other friends and watch it grow into a masterpiece of epic proportions. You could get your entire family to team write something or even just write it yourself. You could set it to music, interpretive dance or even record a video and upload it like our top boy Mr Wilder.