In-House Challenge 20 April 2020

I hope you have had a wonderfully restful Easter break and that you have managed to find some time to acclimatize to the current situation. We have had such a fantastic response to the and I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and efforts.The idea is that thee challenges are supposed to be a bit of light-hearted fun to help alleviate any boredom or frustrations you may have during these difficult times. Do try to involve your entire family and challenge your other friends and relatives as well.

We have some fantastic challenges coming up over the next few weeks with special guest stars, multimedia content and more excitement than you can shake a stick at. Don’t forget to send in your pictures (with your name and tutor group) to either hmarshall@parkhouseschool.org or to your house email account.

One thing is clear, that this lock-down is going to last a little while longer yet so it is vital that you remain cheerful and positive at all times. The outbreak has affected us all in so many different ways; most of you know I am due to get married in August… unfortunately we have had to put those plans on hold for a year while we wait for this whole thing to blow over. But we are remaining positive; we have more time to plan, more opportunity for creative and exciting ideas and most importantly I have decided to get my fiancé a puppy to help ease the pain of postponement.

Animals are a great way to maintain a positive atmosphere so I do hope you are giving your pets some extra love and care. This week I would very much like you to send in a picture of your beloved animals with “tails” of their exploits during quarantine. But do remember… pets are for life, not just for Covid.

Last week’s – “Floaters” has to be my favourite so far. So many inventive, unexpected and creative solutions to marine engineering. Take a look at my “Top Picks” of the week.

House Comp 3

This week's challenge: Create a costume of a Famous Figure using items you find in your room.

This week I have been finding new and inventive ways to entertain my family. In the absence of cinema trips, trudges around the museum and spending-sprees in the shops; my repertoire is starting to dwindle. But then, like an out of control frisbee, it hit me. What better way to kill an hour than to learn about the world, whilst being creative and having a laugh at the same time.

I challenge you to dress up as a famous figure using only items you can find in one room of your house. If you want to make it more entertaining, challenge the whole family and set a 10 minute time limit, then reveal yourselves and see who is easy to guess.

You can keep this game going for hours using different themes: cartoon characters, other family members, Royalty, historical persons, etc.

HINT: Wrap a bedsheet around you and you’re a roman. Find a blue edged tea towel and create Mother Teresa’s iconic look. With a petticoat and summer hat you’re a suffragette. Dress in black and you’ve got Batman.

DISCLAIMER: don’t rip up anything, or start sewing things together without checking with those in charge.
(as always get a responsible adult to assist you and blame them if it all goes wrong!)