Early closing 19 September 2019 for Open Evening

The school will close at 1.40pm on Thursday 19 September to allow for preparations for the Open Evening.

Please be aware that for those students who use the public bus service, the bus timetables cannot be amended to fit with this closure. These students will have the option of remaining in school until normal closing time – 3.25pm and then catching their regular bus.

Students who wish to remain in school should report to the main hall at 1.40pm.  If you choose to take up this option, please be aware that the canteen will not be operating after 11.35pm and therefore students intending to remain in school should bring their own packed lunch.  Students who qualify for free school meals will be catered for at morning break.

Students who catch the School Mini Buses will leave at the earlier closing time of 1.40pm.

Thank you for your understanding in support of preparations for this important event in the school calendar.