Celebrating outstanding GCSE results and student progress

We are today celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results in the context of what are being widely regarded as the most challenging exams since the qualification’s introduction over thirty years ago. They continue a trend which  has seen Park House recognised by the Minister of State for Education as one of the country’s top 100 state schools for continuous improvement. Student progress is strong across the range of GCSE subjects, the key and consistent measure of the quality of student performance.

We couldn’t be more proud of what the year group have achieved. Their progress has been excellent. This year’s outstanding GCSE results are all the more special given that they have been achieved in the context of what are, by common consent, the most challenging exams for a generation. Our students’ collective achievement is a reflection of every individual’s commitment and progress. This wonderful group of young people are thoroughly deserving of their success, which reflects their hard work and the positive relationships which exist between students and staff at the school.  We are absolutely thrilled for all of our students and are extremely proud of them.  Their performance in these most demanding of exams has been exceptional and there are so many truly wonderful achievements to celebrate.

68% of students achieved five or more standard passes and in addition, more than half the cohort achieved a strong pass in either Maths or English. Progess 8 is provisionally 0.11.

Comparisons between performance over time are no longer straightforward given the new grading system and increased demands of final written exams. However, using the key and consistent benchmark measure of student progress across all of the subjects that they study, we are absolutely delighted with the positive Progress 8 score. This is the best indicator of just how wonderfully well this year group have performed.

Derek Peaple, Headteacher


Outstanding individual results include:

• Ben Marshall who achieved 10 grade 8s or above and 2 grade 7s

• Henry Reeves who achieved 10 grade 8s or above and 1 grade 7

• Risa Cooper who achieved 10 grade 8s or above

• Adam Taylor who achieved 8 grade 8s or above and 3 grade 7s

• Reuben Langdon who achieved 7 grade 8s or above and 5 grade 7s

• Kiara Jones who achieved 4 grade 8s or above and 6 grade 7s

• Charlotte Phillips who achieved 6 grade 8s or above and 4 grade 7s

• Izzy Sutherland who achieved 5 grade 8s or above and 5 grade 7s

• Ella Dunford who achieved  6 grade 8s and 2 grades 7s