UCAS 2015 applications

Although the deadline for current Year 13 applications to most college and university-based higher education courses is to be with UCAS 6pm 15 January 2015 (except applications to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and applications for medicine and veterinary science which have now passed) the school requires a minimum of two working weeks to process the forms. This is needed so that reference can be written and forms checked to ensure they are correct. As a result the school deadline to ensure that the form is with UCAS before Christmas is 8th December 2014 and, due to the holiday, the final school deadline is the 18th December 2014. Applications received after these dates will be processed as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee that the UCAS deadline will be met.
The UCAS deadline for applications to art and design courses is 6pm 24 March 2015 (except those listed with a 15 January deadline). Again the school requires time to process these and so the school deadline is Tuesday 10th March.
Applications received after the above UCAS deadlines will still be forwarded to universities, providing they have vacancies, but they are not obliged to consider them. Please see the below links for more details.

UCAS online Advice For Parents & Guardians can be found here: www.ucas.com/how-it-all-works/parents-and-guardians

And, for more information on applying for higher education courses please see download the 2015 UCAS Parent and Guardian's Guide:

Download PDF here >>>

UCAS 2015 Parents Guide

You will need Adobe Reader or similar to open this pdf file.