Teachers go the extra mile in Berkshire Workplace Challenge

Berkshire Workplace Challenge at Park House

Our teachers are getting active in an eight-week National Competition to get British Workplaces fitter. And, to add an extra competitive twist the competition has been incorporated into our House System enabling teachers to win points for their House Teams - a great opportunity for students to support teachers and for teachers to lead by example.

The more activities staff members take part in, the more points they will earn for their workplace and the workplace with the highest number of points will be will be crowned the overall winner of the Workplace Challenge within Berkshire.

Mr Peaple, said: “Teachers set the education agenda and this is a wonderful opportunity to lead by example and set a health and physical activity agenda too. By incorporating the challenge into the House System we have involved the whole school community, with students from each House supporting their teachers in their healthy lifestyle endeavours.

By taking part in the Workplace Challenge teachers will be able to reap a host of personal health and wellbeing benefits, at the same time encouraging some healthy inter-staff competition!”

The competition, a collaboration between County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN), and the British Heart Foundation Health at Work programme, is open to workplaces from right across Berkshire and offers participants the chance to win a number of prizes including opportunities to try new and unusual sports and activities such as cable wakeboarding, skiing, and rock climbing. The most active employee that also saves the most CO² will be awarded a bike at the end of the eight-week challenge!

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