Royal bake-off winners!

Three of our students recently demonstrated some winning baking skills at Newbury College for West Berkshire Council Chairman's "School Cake-Baking Competition" celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday.

The theme of the competition was 'A Scene for the Queen' with students baking cakes inspired by local sights and the activities loved by the Monarch. Swans, corgis, crowns and even a stamp cake were among the 15 entries submitted by local schools.

Molly Smith and Ella Thomas won the Year 7 category and Mathew Smith won the Year 9 category with some stunning cakes worthy of the Great British Bake-off!

Molly and Ella

Molly and Ella won with a hat-themed cake. Explaining their idea Ella said: "We thought of the Newbury Racecourse and our cake is the hat that she [the Queen] wears at the Newbury Racecourse. So that's how we came up with the idea."

Speaking about her win, Molly added: "I'm very amazed and quite shocked to have won" and asked what she was going to do with the cake the answer was simple: "Eat it!"

Matthew Smith

Matthew won with a three-tiered cake incorporating the Union flag and a crown. Matthew said: "We tried to tie it in with the Queen so we've got the crown and then we tried to tie it in with Newbury so we've got a little boat on the front of it. I'm proud to have won."

Well done to all of you!