More reasons to join our Sixth Form!

We are delighted to have found out this week that, according to research by Oxford Analytics, we are among the top performing sixth forms in England for Maths, PE, French, Physics, Biology and Chemistry!

Oxford Analytics have been running a 'mapping post-16 excellence' project, which looks at subject data to find new and valuable insights. There are some fantastic results for our placement in the top 25 schools in England.

Compared to other West Berkshire school or academies we have  fantastic results in the Sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics

When looking at West Berkshire academies only we have greater coverage and some wonderful results as shown:
Seven of our departments are featured, with the following positions:
1st Biology (3rd in Schools & Academy)

5th Chemistry (9th in Schools & Academy)

23rd French

13th Further Maths

13th Maths

19th PE/Sport Studies

3rd Physics (5th in Schools & Academy)

Research results can be found here: