GeekJam - Primary Computing Experience

Students from seven primary schools joined us for fun day of Computer Science activities which were filmed by the BBC.

This was a pioneering event to prepare students with the necessary tools to be successful at Computer Science. The day consisted of a range of workshops from expert computing staff and from external organisations such as IBM, Blackberry, Reading University and Queen Mary's College.

Pupils carried out a range of activities including programming, communicating in binary, taking apart mobile devices to see how they work, creating artificially intelligent models and taking part in a computing magic show.
"Thank you for such an inspiring day at Park House. The mentors were really helpful and kind to us."
"I was blown away with all the magician's tricks."
"We all learnt how to make our own games in Scratch and Kodu."
"I might make video games when I'm older or my own company so I can make consoles. So thankyou!"
"Thanks a million because I loved every minute of it... and I'm already dreaming of what I might be when I'm older!"
"Please, please, please do this again next year!"
"I learnt that in binary code a number is made up of 0's and 1's, on and off.  To make a number binary code you need to add up some numbers that are 1,2,4,8,16..."

Primary Pupils Cracking the Code

Primary pupils from The Ilsleys in Year 6 visited Park House and were involved in a BBC2 filming of "Cracking the Code". They created a bitmap from large scale bitmap tiles and created a race simulator with a range of variables using Scratch.


Pupils from seven local primary schools enjoying GeekJam