Charity Run and Art Competition Results

Thank you so much to staff, students, the PHSA, competitors, visitors and sponsors for making our Charity Run and Fun Day such a success!

We will have more photos and news soon, including news about the Dog Show and the totals raised for our chosen charities.

Newbury Runners

Full results for the 10k and 5k chipped runs can be found at www.chipresults.co.uk

Photographs can be purchased here stuartmarchphotography.photodeck.com
with a share of the proceeds goinf to our chosen charities.

The top three runners in each race were:

10k Female
1st 614 Laura Woodley
2nd 668 Amelia Hicks
3rd 544 Rachel Allen

10k Male
1st 592 Callum O'Neill
2nd 611 Simon Whatson
3rd 609 James Voaden

5k Female
1st 489 Holly Donohoe
2nd 523 Beth Mayer
3rd 515 Zoe Lambert

5k Male
1st 537 Guy Watts
2nd 509 Graham Kemp
3rd 686 Gareth John

2k Girls
Overall fastest runner (boys and girls) 762 Lois Southwold
2nd 449 Phoebe Rider
3rd 371 Annabel Chitty
4th 372 Jessica Chitty

2k Boys
1st 373 Marcus Chitty
2nd 459 Toby Thomas
3rd 364 Cammy Bull

Girls 200m Toddler Race
1st 344 Jessica Charter
2nd 342 Amy Bowsher
3rd 774 Taya Fidler

Boys 200m Toddler Race
1st 748 Harry Alston
2nd 353 Jacob Tang
3rd 763 George Richards

The Art Competition was also a huge success in its first year!

Art Competition

13 and Under
1st Maddie Penfound
2nd Ben Coulson
3rd Yvie Hoggard (Year 3! Amazing)

14 to 17 Year olds

1st Alice Philpott

2nd Selina Jones

3rd Katherine Langley

18 and over

1st Alice Chambers
2nd Emma Hygate

3rd Victoria Hoggard

Overall Best in Competition
Lucas Voss

A big thank you to our three judges who have also added bonus prizes of one-to-one mentoring and studio visits for three lucky individuals:

Lucas Voss
 will be mentored by photographer Giles Penfound

Selina Jones will be mentored by Artist Sally Haynes

Katherine Langley 
will be mentored by Textile Artist Jane Corbett

Thank you all again!