8 July Update 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Please don’t think I’m winding down a week early!

Far from it, you’ll be pleased to hear! The brevity of this update is in fact inversely related to the volume of work that’s currently going on within the Senior Leadership Team and across the school to work up the arrangements for everyone’s return in September - and confirm them to you, as I indicated in Monday’s briefing, prior to the end of term. That’s to give everyone as much certainty - as far as its
possible to in this climate - prior to the start of the holiday.

The plans for curriculum delivery - core business - are coming together really well. The devil, as theysay, is in the related detail....

Looking forward to coming back with it in due course.

As the early 19th Century Romantic Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote:

‘If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?’

Thank you for all your continuing support.

Very best wishes
Derek Peaple