6 July 2020 Update

Dear all


I hope that you had a good weekend and ‘independence day’. For those of you old enough and with an equally dated movie memory, my mind somehow goes back to fictional President Thomas J. Whitmore’s rousing speech in the 1996 film...



Over the weekend and today, we have been working up our response to the DFE guidance on reopening of schools at the start of September. The aim is to produce a consolidated plan for risk assessment and consideration by the AFA Trust Board by the end of this week. I then want to share it in full with you at the start of next. That way everyone will know where they stand, subject of course to any subsequent changes in national or local conditions, prior to the start of the summer holiday.


I’ll leave it there for today - save to draw your attention to the amazing and very important opportunity explained in the attached letter from our world-leading online safety partners, SafeToNet. On the exclusive Governmental recommendation of a combination of the Home Office, Department of Culture, Media and Sport and Department for Education - and fully endorsed by West Berkshire’s Designated Safeguarding Lead - SafeToNet have been enabled to provide their ground-breaking safeguarding app to one million parents free of charge for life until August. Please follow the link below to take up this offer. I commend it.


SafeToNet also feature on our new Year 7 Induction Platform, which is now being shared nationally as a model of best practice parkhouseschool.inspireu.global.


This week's weekly activity can be found here >>>

More information on SafeToNet can be found here>>>


Very best wishes

Derek Peaple