5 June 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


I hope that you’ve had a good week.


Just as a follow up to Wednesday’s briefing, a reminder that we are here and available to discuss anything that may be concerning you. We remain, above all, a caring community, in this together. Please do use the direct email addresses listed in that briefing. A few people, understandably, are using office@. Unfortunately, this isn’t regularly monitored in the current circumstances and can lead to a delay in our response. Thank you.


I was delighted that the Newbury Weekly News have this week featured our proactive and innovative respose to ensuring that all of our new Year 7 students are able to enjoy the best possible induction to their new school in these extraordinary circumstances.




Many staff have been extra busy this week!


Thanks to Dr Davis and our wonderful Admin Staff, Year 8 GCSE & BTEC Option letters have now been posted.  Please see the Show My Homework Notice Board for more information from Dr Davis which would ‘normally’ be shared as an assembly:




Following the events of the week in the United States, and subsequently across the world, Miss Davis and Mr Hornsby have created a resource to encourage reflection and inform discussions around this important topic. We have a short presentation video for you to watch and a PDF powerpoint to help access further information. In ‘real time’ this would be presented as an assembly and discussed as part of the Character and Values programme...



We are here to help both students and parents have discussions and feel supported around this topic. We want to enable students to learn and further educate themselves to help understand the context of these events, and to reflect on the depth of the issue. Please do not hesitate to contact a trusted adult at school for further support if you need it. 


We’ll be getting out information next week regarding the Personal Progress Tutorial schedule for Year 10 and 12 students and we are really looking forward to seeing and speaking with you!


Just for information, I am meeting later today with Laura Farris MP as one of the Local Authority’s Headteacher representatives to discuss current education issues.


Finally, if you are looking for a brief, light read over the weekend - and a post-virtual Eurovision burst of Abba - here’s the link to my latest blog>>>


Memories of the Summer of 2012 and exactly the spirit of community that similarly keeps us so strong today.


Have a great weekend.


Very best wishes

Derek Peaple