3 June 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


I hope that you all remain safe and well.


Following the half term flurry of emails from the Department for Education, time to draw breath and focus on us; focus on you.


I am aware that as the period of absence from school extends - and perhaps also because we are now witnessing some aspects of the relaxation of lockdown in other walks of life - that completely understandable concerns, worries and frustrations will inevitably build.


Nothing is easy. But there is one simple message in response. We are here for you. As a student, as a parent, as a carer. As a family.


I know there have been many conversations going on in the background to virtual learning on a daily basis but just a reminder of all the people who are here to listen if there is anything you want to discuss:


Mr G Jones - Head of Learning Year 7  gjones@parkhouseschool.org

Mr V Columbro - Head of Learning Year 8 vcolumbro@parkhouseschool.org

Ms R Dee - Head of Learning Year 9  rdee@parkhouseschool.org

Ms S Herden - Head of Learning Year 10 sherden@parkhouseschool.org

Mr J Hornsby - Head of Learning Year 11 jhornsby@parkhouseschool.org


Mrs N Onions - Deputy Director of Studies Key Stage 5 nonions@parkhouseschool.org

Mr R Golding - Director of Studies KS3 (for Years 7, 8 and 9) rgolding@parkhouseschool.org

Miss N Wozniak - Director of Studies KS4 (for Years 10 and11) nwoziak@parkhouseschool.org

Mr B Hawkins - Director of Studies KS5 (Sixth Form) bhawkins@parkhouseschool.org

Miss R Dewsbury - SENCO rdewsbury@parkhouseschool.org

Mr D Crabbe - Assistant Headteacher dcrabbe@parkhouseschool.org

Mrs E Hawkins - Well-being and Family Liaison Coordinator ehawkins@parkhouseschool.org

Mr A Cordell - Attendance Officer acordell@parkhouseschool.org


You will find a student well-being survey for completion on the Student RM Unify launch pad, named ‘The Great Big Lockdown Survey’. Please encourage your child to complete the survey so that we can pick up on any general areas that we may be able to help with.


And as a footnote to that...


Lennon meme


John Lennon also said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’.


And, as you would expect, there is indeed a considerable amount of scenario planning going on here at the moment, both in relation to the remainder of this term and for September. However, at the same time we are equally focusing on what would be our ‘normal’ priorities at this point in the academic year. Therefore, over the next week or so you will be receiving, as relevant to your Year Group, updates on:


  • Options
  • Reports for Years 10 and 12 as per DfE guidance
  • Year 12 Induction
  • UCAS and career next steps post-Park House


It’s also usually at this time in the year, post-GCSE and A-Level exams, that the English Department asks for any texts belonging to the school to be returned to them. Books that aren’t returned and subsequently reissued mean that we have to purchase new ones - usually £10-£15 in total per student. So, advance notice that, once circumstances allow, we will be arranging drop off points for the collection of these texts. Thank you from Miss Hutchings and the Department in anticipation of your support.


To end today’s update on another high-note, I wanted to share yet another inspirational story involving one of our amazing students. Four years ago Liberty Watters, now in Year 7, donated some of her hair to The Little Princess Trust, which provides free, real hair wigs to restore the confidence and identity of children who have lost their own hair to cancer or another condition. During lockdown, Liberty has been growing her hair to do the same again on the anniversary of her last donation, although this time it will of course be her Mum, rather than a professional hairdresser, who will be the one doing the cut!


You can donate to Liberty’s JustGiving page for the Little Princess Trust by clicking here >>>


Well done, Liberty! Please do keep letting us know about all your amazing lockdown stories. They inspire us all.


With best wishes

Derek Peaple