3 April 2020 Additional Update

Dear Parent, Carer, Student

This week signals the start of the Spring holiday when normally schools break up for two weeks, but in many
ways that has already happened. It has been a term with many twists and turns, and for the first time in a very
long time, schools have been closed across the world to protect us all from a virus. I am writing on behalf of the
Board to thank you for all that you have done to ensure that learning continues. For many of you it has been very
costly in terms of working with your children at home.

Leading Park House School over the last few months has been challenging – with many decisions needing to be
made each day at short notice, and often with national advice slower than anyone would have liked. As each
decision has been made, we know that Mr Peaple and the Senior Leadership Team have thought through each
scenario with care, to ensure the right decision has been made. We are very grateful for the sound leadership
that has been shown to enable everyone to work in a safe environment and so that students can continue their
learning either at home or in school.

I am sure we would all like to thank the Park House School staff for everything they have all done to make sure
our online system means that our students can continue their studies and to those who have kept the school
open, so that those in the NHS and other professions can continue to protect us all. There has been immense
goodwill shown with an element of fun and competition still present.

You will have read that Professor Sonia Blandford tendered her resignation as CEO from the end of August. The
Trust acknowledges the wisdom and experience she has given and wish her every success with the AFA 3A’s
Charity. To reassure you, the Trust remains committed to working with AFA 3As and we continue to support the
values on which the Trust was founded and look forward to working together in the future.

These are unprecedented times, and as yet we do not know when restrictions are going to be lifted so that things
begin to return to some normality. But within all of this, new possibilities are emerging with amazing acts of
kindness being shown in our communities. Throughout this time, the work of the Trust Board and the Local
Advisory Board continues; we will be meeting (virtually) throughout the summer term along with the SLT and Mr
Goodenough, the new Park House School Principal, to ensure everything is in place for a smooth return.
We sincerely hope that all of you manage to have a reasonable break, and that as far as you can, you manage to
‘do something different’, and that you all stay safe and healthy.

Best regards
Dr Coleen Jackson
Chair AFA Education Trust