17 July 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Well, together, we’ve made it. Thanks to your incredible commitment and support, which has once again reinforced just how very special this community really is. You have been truly amazing. But there’s no surprise in that.

The arrangements for everyone’s return to school in September can be downloaded here>>>

These arrangments can also be viewed online here>>>

Staff can’t wait to welcome you back!

There’s clearly a lot to take in and everything will of course be planned again during the first week of term. It’s obviously the intention that these will be the final arrangements for the school’s return. We will however of course keep the situation under review throughout the holiday should there be any change in national or local circumstances and advise accordingly if so. In any case, it’s the intention to issue two further briefings during the holiday on each of the results days on 13 and 20 August.

Inevitably at this time of any academic year, let alone one such as this, a number of colleagues move on from the school. I am sure that you therefore join me in thanking the following wonderful members of staff for dedicated and inspirational work:

Mr Brownhill – MadDog Rugby Head Coach

Mrs Caswell - Maths

Mr Donohoe - Teaching Assistant

Mr Roch - Teaching Assistant

Mr S Froom - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Heal - Finance Officer

Mr Keetch - English

Mrs Peaple - Display Coordinator

Mr Stoneman - Science

Mrs Taylor - Headteacher’s PA

Mr Waddell - Teaching Assistant

Mr Witting - Teaching Assistant

Mr Wright - Teaching Assistant

Mr Stoneman predates my arrival at the school, and has given 20 years of incredible service to the school. I wish both him, Mrs Caswell - who joined us in 2008 and was additionally a brilliant Head of Learning prior to moving to a part-time position - and Mrs Heal, our outstanding Finance Officer, very happy retirements.

Mrs Peaple begins early retirement following 16 creative years celebrating student work and achievement through display and decorating the school and classrooms to make it the most attractive learning environment possible.

We wish Mr Keetch every success in his new role as Head of Film Studies at St.Barts and all of our amazing Gap Year TAs a brilliant start to their university or further studies in September, with Mr Froom starting a new career in Local Authority Finance after four year’s of wonderful commitment in Learning Support.

Miss Breach and Miss Snook, after this year as brilliant Learning Supervisors, also now return to universities for their studies.

Mr Brownhill, who played a key role in establishing the Academy at Park House, is now going to an exciting new role, close to home, at Malvern College.

I should of course also wish to personally thank Mrs Taylor, my PA, for her incredible dedication and support. None of these communications over the last four months, alongside so much else, would have been possible without her. I am absolutely thrilled that she will now take on the role of Office Manager and Headteacher’s PA at Mary Hare School.

Also very personally, I must admit that I am not quite sure how I am managing to write this after the most moving and completely surprise virtual farewell event after school yesterday - an event involving so many of the people from every part of our wonderful community who have made my life so special over the last seventeen years. Thank you to every one of you for your humbling words and incredible generosity of spirit. There are currently no words from me to express how I feel now; there will be in due course. And I will write separately over the holiday once I have had chance to read and fully reflect on everything received. It means the world. Of course its not quite a ‘goodbye from him’ yet though as I remain Headteacher until 31 August and will, as previously indicated, be in communication in August.

The latest issue of Personal Best is now available here>>>

I hope you enjoyed the last morning of term, and the virtual assemblies to follow. My end of term assembly is available here >>>

Most importantly stay safe and have a wonderful holiday. I look forward to being in contact again on 13 August.

Very best wishes
Derek Peaple