15 June 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


I trust that everyone remains safe and well.


Having in my last briefing outlined the five learning pathways which will shape provision until the end of term, I now wanted to openly share how our longer term thinking is developing in relation to the return of all year groups at the start of the new academic year in September.


It starts with Dr Davis timetabling the school as if we were returning normally, working with Heads of Department to ensure that all classes in each year group in each subject area are staffed with specialist teachers in specialist rooms.


From that starting point, assuming that some form of social distancing will still be in place in September and therefore meaning that a full ‘real time’ return will not be immediately possible, two scenarios are now being planned for as follows:


Scenario 1: based on 2m social distancing, which means a maximum of 11 students and a teacher can work in each classroom, how we can safely bring each year group into school on a rota basis (the model which until yesterday seemed most likely)


Scenario 2: based on 1m social distancing, which means a maximum of 15 students and a teacher can work in each classroom, how we can safely bring each year group into school on a rota basis (the model which now increasingly seems more likely)


We will aim to make a decision on which of the scenarios to implement by the end of this term based on the best available evidence and the current national picture so that you - and we! - know where we stand over the summer. However, in view of the constantly changing criteria under which we are supposed to plan, I cannot completely guarantee this. As I am sure you will appreciate, this is a hugely time-consuming process with associated frustrations around the lack of any real clarity.


Moving on from longer term planning to next week, arrangements are now in place for individual Personal Progress Tutorials for students in Years 10 and 12. If you haven’t yet contacted us to book your session, please do so as a priority. We really want this opportunity to work directly with you. Depending on your preference, tutorials can either take place face-to-face in school or virtually at home via Teams. A guide form Miss Wozniak about to how to access Teams for this purpose is attached. For students this information is also available on Show My Homework under private study. 


Yesterday afternoon Mr Tree, Mrs Rowland, Mrs Mawazini, Mrs Hawkins, Mr Crabbe and I were proud and privileged to be invited to take part in the virtual launch of the Youth Sport Trust’s national Well Schools Programme as one of its 30 founder members. We therefore form part of a distinctive group of schools across the country recognised for positioning the all-round physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of students, staff and wider community at the heart of its vision, values and ethos. Never, I’m sure you will agree, has this approach to the holistic purpose of education been more relevant or resonant.


Following seamlessly on from this very special recognition, please also find attached information from Mrs Hawkins about how you can still ‘Race For Life’ this summer. Nothing ever gets in the way of a great Park House tradition!


Speaking of which….. a message from the PE Department. “It’s Coming…” No school for the masses meant no Sports Presentation Evening this year…or so you thought!  We couldn’t allow the year to pass without celebrating your sporting efforts and achievements so this year we are going virtual. Keep an eye on our PE accounts on Instagram @parkhousepedept or Twitter @PHSSport to find out more.


Have a great weekend. Please stay safe.


With very best wishes

Derek Peaple


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