15 July 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

I hope everyone remains well; welcome to the penultimate update of this extraordinary period since the
end of March.

As a briefing, it’s once again appropriately brief!

We are dedicating all our time as a Senior Leadership Team to finalise the details for the school’s full return in September and to consolidate the information for you in a single document. It will be necessarily lengthy, I’m afraid. And realistically, this means that we may not now get it out until Friday.

Better, however, that we work through all possible eventualities. If we can get a separate communication out before that, we will.

Mr Hawkins looks forward to welcoming all Year 13 students to their Leavers’ Assembly live on Microsoft Teams, Friday 17 July at midday.

West Berks have notified schools of local charities who can support families over the holidays with weekly food parcels, toiletries and nappies as required. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Mr Crabbe on dcrabbe@parkhouseschool.org.

For those of you in Years 11, 12 and 13 who would have taken public exams this summer, your results will be emailed out on Results Days on 13 and 20 August, with appointments available for any students and parents who want to discuss their grades with me and the relevant Director of Studies during the course of the day. This is a common approach agreed across Newbury schools at the last Headteacher Forum. Because of this approach, all students in Years 11, 12 or 13 are now asked to check that their school email accounts are still active by Midday on Friday 17 July. You will also have received a separate email sent earlier today, with more specific details about the arrangements.

Very best wishes
Derek Peaple