13 May 2020 Update

Dear Parent, Carer, Student


I hope that you all remain safe and well.


I sense that we are all suffering from a lack of clarity at the moment, so I wanted to keep the mid-week briefing as simple as possible.


We are committed to three things at present, no more, no less.

  • The overriding safety and welfare - in every sense - of the whole school community; the leadership of this school will not be pressured into any actions which at any time we believe may in any way compromise this

  • The continuity and development of the highest possible quality of online provision which, kept under constant review, aims to support, excite and engage our students in equal measure through as much variety but also time for consolidation of learning as possible; I am so grateful to all the staff and to you as families for working together on this in a spirit of mutual understanding and genuinely shared learning as we go forward. We want the experience to be as creative and enjoyable as it possibly can be in the circumstances, in the knowledge that we won’t always get the balance right, but will and do constantly listen to ideas for on-going refinement

  • The maintenance of our very special sense of community as a focal point for keeping us all together whilst physically apart

So I won’t complicate any further today, other than reiterate my good wishes and remind you that, in the context of the above, we have the special webinar organised by Gazing for all members of our community tomorrow at 3.30pm which can be joined via the following link.... I hope to ‘see’ as many of you as possible there!


Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Password: 815841


Very best wishes

Derek Peaple