13 July 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic.


Robin Sharma, bestselling leadership author and ‘guru’


Well, we’ve made it together to the last week! The home straight. I hope that you had a good weekend in preparation for the final drive to the line!


I have really enjoyed reviewing the first batch of Personal Best proofs over the weekend. The stories featured reflect the richness and variety of Park House life - and the way in which our young people have continued to seize every opportunity to flourish and make a wider difference - both before and after lockdown. Quite amazing!


This weekend would also have seen our wonderful Encompass IV Dance Festival at Arlington Arts – one of the absolute highlights of the school year. In lieu of the ‘real thing’, Mrs Mawazini has produced a brilliant video celebrating all that has been achieved this year in the Dance Department. You can watch it via the link below….. and marvel!




Start of September arrangements will be finalised with the Trust Board over the next two days, and subject to full risk assessment review. The aim will then be to issue these to you by the middle of the week.


In the interim, I can advise you of the arrangements for the last day of this term as follows:

  • The school day finishes at the end of Lesson 3 on Friday as per a ‘normal’ end of Summer Term
  • From 12.40pm onwards students will be able to access pre-recorded virtual end of year assemblies from their Head of Learning and me

When watching the assemblies, I’d ask students to find the hardest and most uncomfortable place on their floor at home to re-create as far as possible the genuine end of Year Sports Hall Assembly atmosphere!


With thanks for your ongoing support.


Very best wishes

Derek Peaple